Saturday, December 24, 2016

RE-UP: Paul McCartney "London Town - Roughs and Demos" - 1CD

Paul McCartney & Wings
"London Town - Roughs And Demo's"

Publisher:  Mistral Music
Reference :MM 9105
Date :1991
Made In :Italy
Quality :EX Stereo
Total duration: 52:07

Out-takes and Demo's from 1978 London Town LP
Sound quality excellent stereo
Tracks 1 - 9 from a master tape tracks 10 - 12 sound like a demo tape

1. Cafe On The Left Bank 03:08
Different Mix

2. I'm Carrying 02:51
Different Mix

3. Find A Way 05:35
Unreleased Dennt Laine Song

4. Deliver Your Children 04:15
Different Mix

5. I've Had Enough 03:09
Rough mix with a guide vocal with minimal lyrics

6. With A Little Luck 06:00
Rough mix featuring a drum machine and keyboard synths and guide vocal Paul.

7. Famous Groupies 03:37
Rough of the same take used for the final mix, without overdubs

8. Morse The Moose And The Grey Goose 06:33

9. Don't Let It Bring You Down 04:40
Different Mix

10. Backwards Traveller 03:40
Demo with a drum machine and synthesizer,

11. After You've Gone 04:38
Performed by Judy Garland in the 1960's

12. Boil Crisis 03:55
Unreleased "Punk" song

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