Saturday, December 24, 2016

RE-UP: Paul McCartney "Flowers In The Dirt Sessions" - 3CD

Paul McCartney
"Flowers In The Dirt Sessions"

Disc one:
Beautiful Night (original version)
Squid (rough mix)
PS Love Me Do (demo)
PS Love Me Do (rough mix)
Back On My Feet
One Upon A Long Ago (extended version)
Love Come Tumbling Down
This One (alternate take)
Atlantic Ocean (rough mix)
Love Mix (rough mix 1)
Love Mix (rough mix 2)
Return To Pepperland (outtake)
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Big Day (outtake)
Christian Bop (outtake)
Peacocks (alternate take)
Peacocks (rough mix)

Disc two:
The Lovers That Never Were (demo)
Twenty-Five Fingers (demo)
Tommy's Coming Home (demo)
So Like Candy (demo)
You Want Her Too (demo)
Playboy To A Man (demo)
Don't Be Careless Love (demo)
My Brave Face (demo)
My Brave Face (demo)
That Day Is Done (demo)
New Moon Of Over Jamaica (home-recording)
Motor Of Love (home-recording)
Mambo Me Baby (home-recording)
Grand Entrance (home-recording)
So Long Blacky (home-recording)
We Got Married (rehearsal)
Ou Est Le Soleil (rehearsal)
This One / Put It There (parody)
Put It There (rehearsal)
White Created Man (Oobu-Joobu version)
Cow (Oobu-Joobu version)
Don't Break The Promises (Oobu-Joobu version)

Disc three:
We Got Married (promotional edit)
We Got Married (rough mix)
Figure Of Eight (rough mix)
Figure Of Eight (7' version)
Figure Of Eight (12' version)
This One (Club Lovejoys mix)
How Many People (rehearsal)
Ou Est Le Soleil (12' version)
Ou Est Le Soleil (Tub Dub mix)
Ou Est Le Soleil (instrumental)
Ou Est Le Soleil (7' mix)
Ou Est Le Soleil (Shep Pettibon)
Ou Est Le Soleil (Disconet edit)
Party Party (promotional edit)
Party Party (promotional mix)
Figure of Eight (rehearsal)

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