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NEW: The Tootles live in New York 2009 - 1CD - April 4 - Paul & Ringo reunion

The Tootles - "Ladies And Gentlemen...Billy Shears!"
Beatles Reunite at the Radio City Music Hall, New York 04 April 2009.

Once upon a long ago or maybe twice in the Land Beneath The Sea from John O' Groats to....
Radio City the 4th of April 2009...
An historic occasion in more ways than one. A live reunion of the two
remaining Icons from the most Iconic band of all time..the Beatles....and a
rendition of Cosmically Conscious, a tune written in India.
In 1994, we had the "reunion" of the Threetles as they were affectionately
named, now it's just the Tootles.
All to promote Transcandental Meditation some 40 years on....
Luminaries queued up to join Ringo and Paul on Stage...Mike Love, David
Lynch, Sheryl Crow, Eddie Vader, Ben Harper, Moby and last but by no
means least Donovan, who was in India with the Beatles....such a shame he
didn't sing the extra verse to Sunshine Superman...
What else is there to say except that we never expected to hear those
immortal words..
"Ladies and Gentlemen..Billy Shears!"

Mister Moonlight

01 David Lynch Benefit Concert with Paul & Ringo (Crowd Interviews)
02 Paul Signing Autographs Before Press Conference
03 Press Conference (Paul & Ringo)
04 Paul Signing Autographs After Press Conference
05 Paul Signing Autographs Before Concert
06 It Don't Come Easy (Ringo, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper)
07 Boys (Ringo, Eddie Vedder, Ben Harper)
08 Yellow Submarine (Ringo, Eddie Vedder & Sheryl Crow)
09 Drive My Car (Paul)
10 Jet (Paul)
11 Got to Get You into My Life (Paul)
12 Let It Be (Paul)
13 Lady Madonna (Paul)
14 Blackbird (Paul)
15 Here Today (Paul)
16 Band on the Run (Paul)
17 Can't By Me Love (Paul)
18 With A Little Help From My Friends (Paul & Ringo)
19 Cosmically Conscious (Paul & Ringo)
20 I Saw Her Standing There (Paul & Ringo with Vedder, Donovan, Moby, Crow & Bettye LaVette)
21 Bonus - Tribute To George - My Sweet Lord (Sheryl Crow)
22 Bonus - David Lynch Poem (with Donovan and Paul McCartney)
23 Bonus - Paul e Ringo a New York, per una notte tornano Beatles

Total Time: 1:10

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