Wednesday, August 17, 2016

NEW: The Beatles "The Cavern Tapes (circa 1962)" - 1CD

The Beatles - The Cavern Tapes Circa 1962 (MJ1407)

I've heard a few different copies of this material.

1. good sound quality, incomplete: Yellow Dog's Ultimate Collection disc 1
2. poor sound quality, complete: The Beatles - The Cavern Club 1962 (info here:
3. very good sound quality, complete, and the source of this release: The Beatles - The Cavern Tapes Circa 1962 (not to be confused with (2) above)

All sources have a couple major tape errors during I Saw Her Standing There. The first error actually sounds like someone accidentally hit the record button during the line "just seventeen". Yellow Dog's version (1) fixes this by stealing the from next line "know what I mean" from "ean" up to just before "and the way she looked". This edit destroys the original cadence of the line, as McCartney holds the "een" quite long.
The second error appears to be a live fade, as the volume just decreases half way into the song, then increases again. The live fade seems likely, as the tape contains other live fades, the tape operator probably just faded prematurely.
Purple Chick's Strong Before Our Birth disc 2 contains a composite of 1 and 2.

For the first tape error, this restoration keeps more of the original audio than Yellow Dogs edit. By borrowing just the "e" in "me" from the line "she looked at me", much more of the original audio remains, and the original cadence is preserved.
For the second tape error, a professional restoration has been performed for the first time.
3 other minor dropouts were repaired in other songs on the tape.
The speed has been corrected so that the harmonica in I Saw Her Standing There is in C major (thanks to John C. Winn for this insight).
Special thanks to darthdisc for confirming that this copy is better sounding and just as complete as his second generation copy.

Download this bootleg here

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