Wednesday, July 27, 2016

RE-UP: Paul McCartney 1975 Europe Tour Rehearsal - 1CD

Paul McCartney and Wings
European Tour Rehearsal
Elstree Studios
Hertfordshire England

01-Live And Let Die
02-Call Me Back Again (fades out at end)
03-My Love (fades in)
04-Listen To What The Man Says (fades out)
05-Band On The Run (fades in and out)
06-The Long And Winding Road (fades in)
07-Medicine Jar ( short edit)
08-Go Now
09-Juniors Farm (short edit)
10-Letting Go (fades out)
11-Blackbird (short edit)
12-Yesterday (short edit)
13-I've Just Seen A Face (fades out)
14-Picasso's Last Words (fades in)
15-Richard Cory
17-Hi, Hi, Hi (fades out)

18-Radio Luxembourg Tony Prince int 9-6-1975
19-Mi Amigo Radio int. 9-1975

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