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NEW: Paul McCartney live in San Francisco 2010 - 3CD - July 10

Paul McCartney
ATT Park
San Francisco, Ca
July 10,2010

Recorded by Daspyknows

Recorded from the 33rd row, 10 seats off the center aisle.  Tickets purchased for me by
my friend Dave while I was recording Clapton & Winwood in Wembley.  He was supposed to
join me but will be going to Neil with me instead.  As a result I took my 10 year old son
to help out.  My son is going to be the next generation.  He helped bring in the gear and
was telling me when he could see my mic cables.  I have some dropouts on the right channel
in tracks 1,2 and 20 so they are mono.  Also there is a little bit of wind noise on the
quieter tracks. Besides that, the results are very nice.

Venus & Mars>Rock Show>Jet (Paul on bass)
All My Loving*
Letting Go
Got To Get You Into My Life**
Let Me Roll It
Foxy Lady jam****
Long & Winding Road (Paul on piano)
Let 'em In
My Love%
Looking Through You%% (Paul on acoustic guitar)
Two of Us
Here Today$$
Dance Tonight (Paul on mandolin)
Mrs. Vanderbilt (Paul on acoustic guitar)
San Francisco Bay
Eleanor Rigby
Something@ (Paul on ukulele)
Sing the Changes@@ (Paul on bass)
Band on the Run
Ob La Di, Ob La Da
Back in the USSR#
I've Got a Feeling## (Paul on electric guitar)
Paperback Writer###
Day in the Life>Give Peace a Chance (Paul on bass)
Live & Let Die+ (Paul on piano)
Hey Jude++

1st Encore:
Day Tripper+++
Lady Madonna++++
Get Back

2nd Encore:
Yesterday (Paul acoustic solo)
Helter Skelter (Paul on bass)+++++
Sgt. Pepper Reprise>The End (Paul on guitar)

Paul McCartney's first performance in San Francisco since 8/29/66 (last Beatles concert)
all ">" segues are legit segues
*Paul takes a moment to "take it all in"
**Paul "smells something in the air", pot reference before the pot love song GTGYIML
***Paul's "alter ego", women screaming before song at Paul's mention
***instrumental jam in tribute to Jimi, Paul told story of Jimi playing Sgt Pepper live 2 days after it came out, and how Jimi wrecked his guitar tuning and was looking for Clapton in the audience to tune it proper
^Dedicated to "the Wings fans" (given the choice of only phase of his career, I'd rather hear Wings than Beatles, but glad he does it all)
%Dedicated to Linda
%%With Beatles Cow Palace concert joking reference
$with civil rights origin of the song story
$$dedicated to John Lennon, house lights go up, extended cheers for Lennon
@with George Harrison ukulele story/tribute, same as Lennon's tribute
@@with start/stop; McCartney having issues with the monitor, jokes how he's live not on tape
#with story about meeting Russian Defense Minister a couple years ago, how he's older than them, they're kids to him, etc
##with reprise jam at the end
###Paul's guitar is the same one he used to record Paperback Writer, extended jamming at end of song
+with fireworks and fire explosions on stage and behind the stage
++at center-stage piano, with Paul lead audience singalong
+++Paul comes out for encore waving giant California state flag
++++Paul switches pianos, from centerstage to the one by the drums he prefers anyway
+++++with very cool "coming down fast" vocals/jamming at end

Download this bootleg here

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