Monday, May 9, 2016

RE-UP: George Harrison "Through All Those Years" - 1CD

George Harrison
"Through All Those Years"
artwork included

Rare & Unreleased. A Comprehensive guide to the best unreleased Harrisongs through all those years.

1. I live for you
2. Dehra Dhun
3. Gopala Krishna
4. Going down to Golders Green
5. Get back (Lennon/McCartney)
1-5 are unreleased studio-recordings from late 1969/early 1970
Track 1 is the "basic" version without overdubs.

6. Deep blue (B-side to BANGLA DESH-single, July 1971)
7. Sue me, sue you blues (Home demo, 1972)
8. Miss O'Dell (B-side to GIVE ME LOVE-single, June 1973)
9. Dark Horse (Home demo, 1974)
10. Mo ("George Harrison"-LP-outtake 1978. Only previously
available on a rare promo-only WE A-compilation)

11. Flying hour
12. Life itself
13. Sat singing
14. Lay his head
15. Tears of the world
11-15 are outtakes from "Somewhere in England"-LP from 1980
Track 12 is a full-grown demo with George playing all the instruments
The other songs were later released as a "bonus" to the very,
very expensive limited-edition books "Songs by George" 1 + 2

16. Shanghai surprise
17. Breath away from heaven
18. The hottest gong in town
16-18 were recorded in 1985. They were included in the Soundtrack
of the not so successful Harrison-produced movie SHANGHAI SURPRISE
Therefor, a soundtrack album was never released. Only the title-track,
a duet with VICKY BROWN, was briefly available as a promo-single

19. Maxine
Why this song from 1990 was left off the second TRAVELLING WILBURYS
album, for which it was intended, remains a mystery!

20. Ride Rajbun
A collaboration between George, his son
Dhani and Ravi Shankar from 1992

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