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RE-UP: George Harrison live in Uniondale 1974 - 2CD - December 15

George Harrison And Friends Live at the Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale NY 1974-12-15 Evening Show master AUD (first time in circulation) A GREAT PERFORMANCE!

Many Many Thanks to my Aussie mate edeledeledel for help in positively identifying this as the evening show! This is one of the best performances from Harrison's 1974 tour. He's in a great mood, the audience seems to love it, and the music shines.

Let's call the taper "TheChemicalBankCreditCardGuy", since I really don't remember his name any more. The name Chemical Bank is no longer in existence, TCBCCG left that organization and disappeared long before the change to Chase Bank occured, and... as to how I acquired the master... here's another weird story to share with you along with the music:

TCMCCG happened to wander into the rear area of our shop after installing our first terminal. For the uninitiated, the terminal is what is used in a business to process your credit card transactions. It comes from the credit card processing division of your local bank. (You think that you, as a consumer pay a lot for having credit cards. You have no idea of what they put your merchants through. Guess who pays for your credit card promotions and points on your card. Think they do? Wrong! They pay for *NOTHING*) This is a guy in a dark suit and tie, who by all outside appearances could have been a detective for some record industry firm, or a narcotics agent from somewhere. "Wow!", he said. "You sure have a lot of live music here. Do you have any George Harrison?" And, so it started... We compared notes. He was hesitant at first. He didn't say anything until I pressed him about any recordings he might have had, then he finally came out with it. He had snuck a recorder into the Nassau Coliseum back in 1974, and had taped the ex-Beatle, along with Billy Preston, Tom Scott, and the Shankar family. He "seemed to remember he still had the tape in a closet". Well, fellow Dime addicts - don't we all...

Finding it was another matter. It took half a dozen phone calls and several missed connections. Every time he said  "You know, I keep meaning to look for it..." After a while I didn't hold out any hope, but one day there he was on our doorstep, with apologies and a cassette in hand. He didn't even want it back, he just wanted a CD copy. He took the copy, and vanished several weeks later after leaving a message about "taking another job in Tahiti" and "wanting to staying in touch".

And there you go. Live music comes from the strangest places!

This tape was located last week when searching for other items. A fresh transfer was made, which I think sounds pretty good considering the years. Listen to the mp3 samples before downloading. The taper shut the deck off between tracks, making a loud popping noise at the end of each song. These have been removed, and the applause has been faded between tracks as necessary.

Apparently, this is the most complete rendition of the Indian music section of this tour to date. The taper also turned the deck on and off during that portion of the show. What's also interesting is that Ravi Shankar suffered a mild heart attack and missed some shows during this time period (did I send thank-you's Down Under?) and that Harrison's band is playing along to fill in.

I did try to make sense of the tracks through the cuts in the tape, but I came up short. I made the track breaks during this part of the show as best I could - if the music had some continuity I kept it together in one track. It's possible that the cuts are in the wrong places. If so, please provide corrections and we'll title the pieces as being in seperate parts.

Here's the setlist:

CD 1

Hari's On Tour (Express)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Will It Go Round In Circles?(Preston)
Sue Me Sue You Blues
Indian Music Part One (?ZoomZoomZoom?)
Indian Music Part Two
Indian Music Part Three
For You Blue
Band Intros
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)


Soundstage Of Mind
In My Life
Tom Cat (Tom Scott)
Dark Horse
Intro of Billy Preston/Nothing From Nothing
Outta Space
What Is Life?
My Sweet Lord

Harrison also played "Maya Love" between "Tom Cat" and "Dark Horse", but it was not recorded.

Download this bootleg here

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