Monday, May 9, 2016

RE-UP: George Harrison "Completed Rarities volume 2" - 1CD

George Harrison
Completed Rarities volume 2
artwork included

1 Here Comes The Sun/Bells Of Rhymney/Mr. Tambourine Man/Take Me As I Am (Or Not At All) (Rockline Radio, 10th February 1988)
2 That's All Right (Mama) (Rockline Radio, 10th February 1988)
3 Something (Rockline Radio, 10th February 1988)
4 Every Grain Of Sand (Rockline Radio, 10th February 1988)
5 Awaiting On You All (Alan Freeman Show, 18th October 1974)
6 Far East Man (Alan Freeman Show, 18th October 1974)
7 Got My Mind Set On You (Extended Version)
8 Dark Horse (Demo)
9 Dark Horse (Demo)
10 Dark Horse (Saturday Night Live)
11 Ding Dong Ding Dong (Vocals, Guitar, Drums)
12 I Don't Want To Do It
13 Sue Me Sue You Blues (Slide Guitar Demo)
14 I Don't Care Anymore (Alan Freeman Show, 18th October 1974)
15 The Pirate Song (Rutland Weekend Television)
16 Someplace Else (Film Version)
17 Breath Away From Heaven (Film Version)
18 Dialogue (Thank You To Warner Brothers)
19 Nowhere To Go
20 I'd Have You Anytime
21 Interview
22 Interview
23 Interview
24 Soundstage Of Mind
25 Here Comes The Sun/Yesterday/Bridge Over Troubled Water/Rock Island Line/Bye Bye Love (Saturday Night Live Rehearsal)

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