Monday, May 9, 2016

RE-UP: George Harrison "Completed Rarities volume 1" - 1CD

George Harrison
Completed Rarities volume 1
artwork included

1. Shanghai Surprise w/Vicki Brown
2. Abandoned Love (Bob Dylan)
3. I Don't Want To Do It (Bob Dylan)
4. Tears Of The World (reject from "Somewhere To England" LP)
5. Deep Blue (B-sides to "Bangla Desh")
6. Miss O'Dell (B-side to "Give Me Love")
7. Don't Care Anymore (B-side to "Ding Dong")
8. Sat Singing (reject from "Somewhere To England" LP)
9. Lay His Head (reject from "Somewhere To England" LP)
10. Flying Hour (reject from "Somewhere To England" LP)
11. Save The World (new lyrics)
12. Got My Mind Set On You (Extended version)
13. Handle With Care (Extended version)
14. End Of Life (Extended version)
15. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (live) w/Ringo Starr & Eric Clapton
16. Here Comes The Sun (live) w/Ringo Starr & Eric Clapton

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