Saturday, April 9, 2016

RE-UP: The Beatles "The Seven Years Of Christmas"

The Beatles
The Seven Years of Christmas

Each year from 1963 to 1969, the Beatles had recorded a short Christmas message for their fans, composed of carols, skits, jokes, and thanks to the loyal "Beatle People".

Studio recordings.
66 minutes 45 seconds.
Quality A.
Artwork included.

Yellow Dog Records.

1. Christmas Time (Is Here Again) Complete Outtake. Nov.28th 1967.
2. The Beatles' Christmas Record.The First Christmas Record.Oct.17th 1963.
3. Hello Dolly. Outtake. Oct 26th 1964.
4. Speech, Take 1. (Inc.Hello Dolly) Oct.26th 1964.
5. Speech, Take 2. (Inc.Parodies on "The Twelve Days Of Christmas" and
"Come And Have A Go" Oct.26th 1964.
6.Message (Speech) Takes 3-5 Oct.26th 1964.
7.Another Beatles' Christmas Record. The Second Christmas Record.Oct.26th.1964.
8.The Beatles' Third Christmas Record.Nov.8th 1965.
9.Speech. Take 1-2. Outtakes. Nov.25th 1966.
10.Pantomime.Everywhere Is Christmas.Fourth Christmas Record.Nov.25th 1966.
11.Christmas Time (Is Here Again) Fifth Christmas Record.Nov.28th 1967.
12.Happy Christmas 1968. Sixth Christmas Record.May-Nov.1968.
13.Happy Christmas 1969. Seventh Christmas Record.Nov. 1969.
14.Another Beatles' Christmas Record. Outtake,Different Opening.Oct.26th 1964.

A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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