Monday, March 7, 2016

RE-UP: The Beatles "Revolution" - 1CD - remastered edition

Remastered Edition

Restored from Vigotone VT-117

This is a restoration I did in 2002, correcting the pitch and phase of all the tracks on this Vigotone CD. Some of the tracks were wildly off-pitch, especially "Girl," which was halfway to chipmunk-land. Of special note here is the restored acetate of the mono mix of "Revolution 9." With the scratches, clicks and thumps removed, you can actually hear what's going on in it now. Anything that was previously booted is in the best quality to date on this CD, and it had several items that were previously unheard by Beatles collectors.

No noise reduction was applied; if you hear any, it was already there before I got to it.

Track listing:

01  Mellotron music #1
02  Girl (backing track, monitor mix)
03  We Can Work It Out (Paul demo) / Lucy From Littletown (what John recorded over it)
04  Michelle (John not playing it very well)
05  We Can Work It Out (rough mix of Take 2)
06 - 08  It's Not Too Bad (John's first demos of "Strawberry Fields Forever" recorded in Spain)
09  Good Morning Good Morning (John mellotron demo)
10  Mellotron music #2
11  Revolution (reduction mix Take 15, source tape)
12  Across The Universe ("Hums Wild" mix)
13  Revolution 9 (edit of RS2, mono copy 1, acetate, declicked)
14  Mellotron music #3
15  Julia (John 2-track Kenwood demo)
16  Stranger In My Arms (John messing about on mellotron)
17  Revolution 1 (Take 20 remix session with Yoko's relentless voice-over narration)
18  Hey Jude (edit of takes 1 & 2, from "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour")
19  Revolution (promo film, take 16 with overdubs 9-4-68)

Artwork is included.

Download this bootleg here

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