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RE-UP: The Beatles "The Alternate 'White Album'" - 2CD

Catalogue No.PDP 010
Matrix No.C.D. 1 - PDP 10/1
C.D. 1 - PDP 10/2
Country Of Origin  ?
Release Date2003
Total TimeC.D. 1 - 75:42
C.D. 2 - 77:29
Comments:The sleeve says: No Anthology Tracks.Another in the series of Alternate albums, where a collection is put together based on the timing of the original released album.
This particular C.D. collects together a lot of fine outtakes from the "White Album" era, including studio alternate takes, live performances and of course the Esher sessions.
It also pulls together some of the official stereo or mono mixes that were less commonly found.
Yes, I know we already have these pieces, but, nicely presented and nicely collected together makes it worth having them again.

C.D. 1

1Back In The U.S.S.R.Alternate mono mix2:46
2Dear PrudenceAlternate mix - Clean intro and different ending3:58
3Glass OnionAlternate mono mix - Take 33, either RM10 or RM112:17
4Ob-La-Di Ob-La-DaTake 22 - Alternate mix from "The Peter Sellers Tape".3:12
5Wild Honey PieTake 1 RM6 - Alternate mix from "The Peter Sellers Tape".0:53
6The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill Esher sessions2:32
7While My Guitar Gently WeepsTake 13:15
8Happiness Is A Warm GunAlternate mono mix (louder bass)2:42
9Martha My DearTake 1 RM1 - Alternate mono mix2:28
10I'm So TiredControl room monitor mix, with extra guitar2:05
11BlackbirdMono mix - different bird sounds2:18
12PiggiesMono mix - different piggie sounds2:03
13Rocky RaccoonMono mix3:32
14Don't Pass Me ByTake 7 - Alternate mix from "The Peter Sellers Tape".4:10
15Why Don't We Do It In The RoadMono mix1:40
16I WillMono mix1:44
17JuliaEarly acoustic demo2:53
18Child Of NatureEsher sessions2:35
19Colliding CirclesEsher sessions2:09
20Sour Milk SeaEsher sessions3:21
21JunkEsher sessions2:23
22Step Inside LoveRecorded during Take 35 session of "I Will"1:27
23Los ParanoiasRecorded during Take 35 session of "I Will"3:53
24The Way You Look TonightRecorded during Take 35 session of "I Will"1:14
25Not GuiltyTake 102 - Stereo mix3:11
26Sexy SadieControl room monitor mix - "F*ck a duck" version1:13
27Brian Epstein BluesControl room monitor mix1:30
28Go Little RingoControl room monitor mix1:27
29Sexy SadieControl room monitor mix - Another rude version0:33
30What's The New, Mary JaneTake 46:31

C.D. 2

1BirthdayTake 222:41
2Yer BluesTake 17 - Alternate mix from "The Peter Sellers Tape".4:10
3Mother Nature's SonMono mix2:46
4Everybody's Got Something To Hide
Except Me And My Monkey
Take 11 - Alternate mix from "The Peter Sellers Tape".2:22
5Sexy SadieUnedited mix - 38 seconds longer than the released mix3:53
6Helter SkelterMono mix3:38
7Long Long LongMono mix3:02
8RevolutionEsher sessions3:58
9Honey PieEsher sessions1:55
10Savoy TruffleMono mix2:53
11Cry Baby CryEsher sessions2:22
12Can You Take Me BackComplete version - Recorded during Take 19 session of "I Will"1:14
13Revolution 9Mono mix8:20
14Good NightMono mix3:05
15I Hate To SeeTuesday 30th July during Hey Jude rehearsals for "Experiment in TV".0:56
16Hey JudeTake 9 - during rehearsals for "Experiment in TV".5:02
17Las Vegas TuneAd-lib outtake at end of Hey Jude rehearsals for "Experiment in TV".0:15
18Dig A Pony"Everyone Had A Hard Year" - demo1:38
19A Case Of The BluesDemo2:52
20Oh My LoveDemo2:35
21Gone Tomorrow Here TodayRehearsal0:48
22Helter SkelterAcoustic rehearsal0:51
23While My Guitar Gently WeepsPaul on vocals0:51
24Weird Album SessionMedley made for the Anthology video3:29
25Spiritual Regeneration
(Thank you Guru Dai)
RishiKesh tape India 19682:27
26Rishikesh #9Italian interview during RishiKesh experience India 19688:40

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