Saturday, February 27, 2016

RE-UP: The Beatles "The Cathode Ray Tube Collection volume 7" - 1DVD

The Beatles
"The Cathode Ray Tube Collection, volume 7"
artwork included

This is the seventh volume in a comprehensive collection of major TV appearances from 1962 to 1966, gathered together from many sources to provide high quality video and audio throughout. Weren't these at the time? Well never mind because this set is the next best thing. So dust off that old 405 line telly and copy of Radio Times, and journey through The Beatles' television opus.

1. The Beatles At Shea Stadium (reconstruction) - 37:18

2. The Music Of Lennon And McCartney - 43:53

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

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