Sunday, February 21, 2016

RE-UP: The Beatles "Anthology Outtakes volume 3" - 2CD

The Beatles
Anthology Outtakes volume 3
artwork included

Disc 1
  1. India [unidentified]
  2. I Will [TV Anthology]
  3. Dhera Duhn [TV Anthology]
  4. Child Of Nature [Esher Demo]
  5. Sour Milk Sea [Esher Demo]
  6. Speech John
  7. What´s The New Mary Jane [Take ?]
  8. While My Guitar Gently Weeps [Demo]
  9. Back In The U.S.S.R. [Demo Esher]
  10. Circles [Esher Demo]
  11. Speech - Helter Skelter - Gone Tommorrow Here Today
  12. Blackbird [Alternate Take]
  13. Ob-La -Di, Ob-La-Da [Alternate Take]
  14. Sexy Sadie [Alternate Take]
  15. Hey Jude [Take 1]
  16. Not Guilty [unidentified]
  17. Dear Prudence [Alternate Take]
  18. Revolution [Promo TV - Top Of The Pops]
  19. Step Inside Love [Outtake]
  20. Los Paranoias [Outtake Complete]
  21. The Way You Look Tonight [Outtake]
  22. I Will [Take Unknown]
  23. Down In Havana [unidentified]
  24. Can You Take Me Back [Outtake]
  25. Jam Session [unidentified]
  26. Happiness Is A Warm Gun [Alternate Mix]
  27. I´m So Tired [Alternate Take]
  28. Rock And Roll Circus Blues Jam [Rock 'n' Roll Circus]
  29. Yer Blues (Rock And Roll Circus) [Rock 'n' Roll Circus]
  30. Everyone Had A Hard Year [Demo]
Disc 2

  1. In The Studio [Sequence]
  2. Don´t Let Me Down [Get Back Session]
  3. Let It Down [Get Back Session]
  4. Short Fat Fannie [Get Back Session]
  5. Two Of Us [Get Back Session]
  6. All Things Must Pass [Get Back Session]
  7. Get Back [Get Back Session]
  8. Speech John
  9. The Long Winding Road [Get Back Session]
  10. Speech Geoge & Paul
  11. Don´t Let Me Down [Rooftop Concert]
  12. Dig A Pony [Rooftop Concert]
  13. I´ve Got A Feeling [Rooftop Concert]
  14. Get Back [Rooftop Concert]
  15. The Rocker - Save The Last Dance For Me[Get Back Session]
  16. Not Fade Away [Get Back Session]
  17. The Walk [Get Back Session]
  18. Teddy Boy [Get Back Session]
  19. Can You Do It [Get Back Session]
  20. Let It Be [Get Back Session]
  21. Heather [Postcard Sessions]
  22. Goodye [Demo]
  23. Something [Get Back Session]
  24. Something [unidentified]
  25. Oh! Darling [unidentified]
  26. Octopus´s Garden [unidentified]
  27. Because [Take 16 Vocal Track]
  28. Raunchy [Threetles Version]
  29. Thinking Of Linking [Threetles Version]
  30. Blue Moon Of Kentucky [Threetles Version]
  31. Baby What You Want Me To Do [Threetles Version]
  32. Ain´t She Sweet [Threetles Version]

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