Tuesday, November 3, 2015

RE-UP: Paul McCartney "Let 'Em Out volume 1" - 1CD

First Installment
Remasters Workshop RMW 556
April 27, 2010

A big thank you to the person(s) responsible for unearthing this new material. Many hours have been spent here at the old Workshop, fixing up the tracks to make them presentable. The original source files were badly recorded, with one channel (usually the left) overdriven into clipping and the other not. The clipping and distortion has been undone, and the levels matched. Recordings from acetate source have been declicked. EQ has been added to tracks that were severely in need of brightening. All tracks have been phase and pitch corrected.

All of the "Speed Of Sound" tracks to appear so far are included, with some other interesting Wings material added for your enjoyment.

Other people will be releasing this material any day now, but it won't sound like this. And if it does, you'll know where they got it from!

Track Listing:

01  Silly Love Songs (no strings or horns)
02  Beware My Love (complete instrumental acetate)
03  Beware My Love (incomplete)
04  Must Do Something About It (Paul vocal)
05  She's My Baby (take 1)
06  She's My Baby (version 2)
07  The Note You Never Wrote (no strings)
08  Time To Hide
09  Wino Junko
10  Let 'Em In (mono promo edit)
11  Let 'Em In (stereo promo edit)
12  Newt Rack (instrumental, monitor mix)
13  Take It Away (monitor mix)
14  What's That You're Doing (rough take, monitor mix)
15  Hi Hi Hi (mono acetate alt mix)
16  Another Day (mono acetate mix)
17  Junior's Farm (alt mix by Ernie Winfrey)
18  Sally G (alt mix by Ernie Winfrey)
19  Daytime Nighttime Suffering (early mix)

Download this bootleg here

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