Wednesday, October 28, 2015

RE-UP: Paul McCartney "Oh Mistake" - 1CD - 1979 outtakes

Paul McCartney
"Oh Mistake"
Hawg Leg Records

Out-takes from 1979 LP, probably sourced from a demo tape.
Sound quality reasonable stereo, with good dynamic range but does suffer from drop-outs

1. Speech/Bluebird 4:10
"Official radio broadcast from 1975 concerning the Wings Japan Tour. Paul's apology for cancelling the tour with the special song Bluebird."

2. Reception 2:31
Alternate Version
1:25 longer than the the released version.

3. Cage 3:03
Slightly rougher mix on Cold Cuts.

4. Getting Closer 3:24
Alternate Version
Some different lyrics. Minimal mix with handclaps more evident than release.

5. We're Open Tonight 1:27
Different Mix

6. Spin It On 2:11
Different Mix

7. Old Siam Sir 4:06
Different Mix

8. Again And Again And Again 3:34
Different Mix

9. To You 3:25
Alternate Version
0:10 longer than the released version.

10. Arrow Through Me 3:37
Alternate Version
Alternate vocals

11. After The Ball/Million Miles 3:55
Different Mix

12. Winter Rose/Love Awake 5:07
Alternate Version
0:12 longer than released version. Vocal instrumental sections swapped.

13. The Broadcast 1:31
Different Mix

14. Rockestra Theme 2:31
Different Mix
No backing vocals. Paul's vocals clear in the mix.

15. So Glad To See You Here 3:40
Different Mix
0:19 longer than the released version. Vocals upfront in mix.

16. Speech
Official messages concerning the Japan Tour '90 from Paul McCartney

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