Tuesday, October 27, 2015

RE-UP: Paul McCartney live at Coachella Festival 2009 - 2CD - April 17

Paul McCartney
Coachella Music Festival
Indio, CA

Disc 1 75:56 1-17

01. Jet
02. Drive My Car
03. Only Mama Knows
04. Flaming Pie
05. Got To Get You Into My Life
06. Let Me Roll It (With A Coda Of Purple Haze)
07. Honey Hush
08. Highway
09. The Long And Winding Road
10. My Love
11. Blackbird
12. Here Today
13. Dance Tonight
14. Calico Skies
15. Mrs. Vanderbilt
16. Eleanor Rigby
17. Sing The Changes

Disc 2 79:01 1-16

01. Band On The Run
02. Back In The U.S.S.R.
03. Something
04. I've Got A Feeling
05. Paperback Writer
06. A Day In The Life > Give Peace A Chance
07. Let It Be
08. Live And Let Die
09. Hey Jude

First Encore:
10. Birthday
11. Can't Buy Me Love
12. Lady Madonna

Second Encore:
13. Yesterday
14. Helter Skelter
15. Get Back
16. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)

And now…a true legend, Sir Paul McCartney! I was never really into The Beatles but you know what, what an amazing performance. Just after 10pm, he takes the stage, and I felt very privileged to be there.  The stage was awesome with a cool screen in the back and the sides with humongous portrait screens; did I mention they were huge? Wow. As soon as they started with “Jet” I knew this would be the best performance of the weekend. The sound was so perfect, hats off to the sound guys. I actually recognized a lot of the songs.  It was an emotional night for Paul, that night marked the 11th anniversary of Linda’s passing. I will have to say, that was probably my favorite song of the night. Oh and the drummer was amazing! He rocked!

Download this bootleg here

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