Saturday, October 17, 2015

RE-UP: John Lennon "My Love Will Turn You On" - 1CD

John Lennon
"My Love Will Turn You On"
artwork included


Watching The Wheels (3:17)
piano demo - $50M version

Meat City (2:32)
alternate mix

Woman (3:55)
acoustic demo, take 9

Oh My Love (1:28)
acoustic demo with Yoko - take 1

Come Together (3:56)
One-To-One rehearsal

Nobody Told Me (3:16)
double tracked acoustic demo

Rock And Roll People (3:29)
piano demo

Oh! Yoko (4:40)
acoustic demo with Yoko - version 1

(Just Like)Starting Over (4:01)
early rough mix

Move Over Ms.L (1:35)
electric guitar demo with May Pang

People Get Ready/How (3:06)
piano demo

One Day(At A Time) (3:19)
early rough mix

Serve Yourself (4:35)
modified piano demo

You Can´t Catch Me (3:35)
alternate mix

Watching The Wheels (3:34)
alternate mix

God (3:43)
acoustic demo - take 2

Rock And Roll People (2:53)
alternate version - take 7

Borrowed Time (3:54)
double tracked acoustic demo

Oh! Yoko (4:07)
alternate version - 2

He Said He Said (1:17)
composing fragment

He Said He Said (0:49)
composing fragment - longest version

She Said She Said (0:55)
acoustic demo

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