Saturday, October 17, 2015

RE-UP: John Lennon "A Heart Play" - 2CD - Double Fantasy outtakes

John Lennon
"A Heart Play"
'Double Fantasy' outtakes
artwork included

Disc one:
recorded: August - September 1980
Hit Factory, New York

I'm Stepping Out - take 1
I'm Losing You - alternate take with Cheap Trick
Clean-Up Time - rehearsal
Clean-Up Time - early take
Clean-Up Time - 'sound' mix with unused effects
(Just Like) Starting Over - studio talk
(Just Like) Starting Over - 'dry' mix
Beautiful Boy - 'sweet' mix
Dear Yoko - 'full' mix with additional overdubs
Watching The Wheels - early mix
I Am The Walrus - short parody
Woman - studio talk
Woman - mix 1 with additional keyboards
Dream Lover / Stay - unreleased covers
(Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess - early take
Nobody Told Me - early take
I Don't Wanna Face It - 'rock' mix
Borrowed Time - 'rough' mix
Woman - mix 2 with unused choir
I'm Stepping Out - take 2

Disc two:
1979 - 1980 home demos

The Great Wok - words of wisdom
Watching The Wheels - on piano
Watching The Wheels - 'blues' style
Corinna, Corinna - folk blues traditional
I Don't Wanna Face It - early demo
Welcome To The Bermudas
I Don't Wanna Face It - double tracked 'Bermuda' demo
Woman - double-tracked 'Bermuda' demo
I'm Stepping Out - double-tracked 'Bermuda' demo
Everybody's Talkin' - early piano version
Nobody Told Me - double-tracked 'Bermuda' demo for Ringo
Beautiful Boy - double-tracked 'Bermuda' demo
Borrowed Time - double-tracked 'Bermuda' demo
Dear Yoko - double-tracked 'Bermuda' demo
Too Much Monkey Business / Subterranean Homesick Blues
Clean-Up Time - piano demo
Stranger's Room - early piano demo
I'm Losing You - piano demo
I'm Losing You - acoustic guitar & drum-box demo
Howling At The Moon - unreleased song
I'm A Man - blues parody

The Evolution Of (Just Like) Starting Over:
I Watch Your Face
My Life
Don't Be Crazy
The Worst Is Over
(Just Like) Starting Over
The Best Things In Life Are Free

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