Sunday, November 10, 2013

NEW: The Beatles "The Beatles Story 1973 BBC Special" - 14 CD

"The Beatles Story"
1973 BBC Radio Special
source: MASTER 2-trk reels > DART XP PRO > disk
This is an UNEDITED STEREO BBC RADIO special that was produced in 1973 by the BBC in London. This radio special has now been carefully transferred to STEREO CD's from an original set of "VIRGIN" 2trk MASTER reel-to-reel tapes.

These 2trk reels are BRAND NEW old stock reels that were NEVER PLAYED ON THE AIR by any radio station. I was the 1st one to break the seal on each reel box.

The transfer was made using TASCAM pro equipt. & an ALIENWARE AREA 51 computer! The original analog "1973 STEREO SOUND" is quality preserved for future generations to enjoy. The entire special is narrated by the BBC's own BRIAN MATTHEWS.

There are 14 parts in total in they are all in the download

Download this bootleg here

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  1. This is a very interesting historical recording. Thanks very much for uploading and sharing this treasure. I have a little query though. The join between tracks 2 and 3 on part 12 seems strange somehow .... like something is missing (or inserted when it didn't belong). Did you have this impression too?