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John Lennon interview 1972 - 1CD - January

John Lennon & Yoko Ono interviewd by Howard Smith
Location: 105 Bank St. NY
John Lennon - The Smith Collection: John & Yoko: January 1972 (CD 1) Black Cat BC 095

When we last left the Lennons they had sax on their mind; sax overdub sessions by King Curtis on two of the tracks for John's new album. This happened on July 4th at Record Plant East and ende up being Curtis' last ever recorded work as he was murdered at the end of August of 1971.
The month of July did bring a cloud of discontentment, George's invitation to join him for the Concert for Bangladesh. Well we all know how that ended in terms of any Lennon involvement. The Lennons left New York, only to return to New York for good on September 3rd. First they took up residence in the St. Regis hotel, then On the 16th of October 1971, John and Yoko moved to the Village, renting an apartment from Jerry Butler of the Lovin’ Spoonful. It had two large rooms and a wrought-iron staircase which led up to a small roof garden. Their neighbours at the time included John Cage, Bob Dylan and Jerry Rubin.

Howard Smith was a regular interviewer of the Lennons in the early years. In the 1960s and 1970s, Howard had a weekend overnight show on WPLJ, also syndicated nationally, conducting extensive in-depth interviews with well-known musicians and notable figures, as well as playing an interesting mix of albums and songs in the "progressive" freeform rock music and Album-oriented rock formats.
Smith is also a director, actor and screenwriter. His 1972 documentary "Marjoe" won an Oscar.

This is my favourite interview out of all three Smith interviews I have with the Lennons, no doubt aided by that fact that they are all sitting on the Lennon's bed and Smith was an interviewer they obviously felt quite comfortable with. It was broadcast on WPLJ-FM on January 23rd, 1972.

There are 28 tracks on this first CD and they do not quite match but rest assured nothing's missing. The quality is very good to excellent.

John Lennon radio interview 1974 - 1CD - September 28

John Lennon on WNEW, New York
September 28, 1974

"Listen To This Radio Show" on Mad Scott Records

From a review: "Excellent and unique content: John talks music! He's really into how music borrows from itself to create new forms, and illustrates this by playing albums from his personal collection. There are so many cool bits to this interview. For instance, he notes that the stereo mixing of the Blue and Red Albums were in his opinion terrible! Overall John seems very natural, warm and conversational."

Another highlight among the John Lennon spoken word recordings. John promoted 'Walls & Bridges' quite heavily during his "lost weekend" period, at one giving an interview to 20 DJs at the same time in a chaotic conference call. John dropped by three radio stations in September, KSAN-FM in San Francisco, KHJ-AM in LA (with him taking calls as well, one of them from the guy who ran the Wizardo bootleg label and asked about "What's The New Mary Jane") and this most famous appearance.
It certainly worked, "Whatever Gets You Through The Night" made it to number one for the weekend of November 10 - 16, bookended by "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" by BTO and Billy Swan's "I Can Help" and the album reached the top of the charts as well.

CD 1
01. Intro Dr. Winston O' Boogie 1:20
02. Whatever Gets You Through The Night (John's intro only)
03. About The New Album 4:55
04. #9 Dream (Removed)
05. More About The Album 1:37
06. George Martin 1:07
07. Oldies But Goldies 1:02
08. Watch Your Step (Bobby Parker - Removed)
09. Day Tripper (The Beatles, Removed)
10. Butcher Album / US Albums 4:48
11. I Call Your Name (The Beatles - Removed)
12. Commerical / ELO 1:29
13. Showdown (ELO - Removed)
14. I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Marvin Gaye - Removed)
15. Producing Pussy Cats / LA 3:27
16. Save The Last Dance For Me (Harry Nilsson - Removed)
17. Weather / Solo Beatles 3:27
18. Gravy Train (Splinter - Removed)
19. I'm The Greatest (Ringo - Removed)
20. What You Got (Lennon - Removed)
21. Playlist / Station Identification / Commericals 4:11

CD 2
01. More About Playing Oldies 1:07
02. Some Other Guy (Ritchie Barrett - Removed)
03. What'd I Say (Ray Charles - Removed)
04. Piano--guitar Licks / Rolling Stones 3:02
05. I Wanna Be Your Man (Rolling Stones - Removed)
06. I Wanna Be Your Man (The Beatles - Removed)
07. The Rolling Stones 2:12
08. Daddy Rolling Stone (Derek Martin - Removed)
09. Station ID / Immigration 5:47
10. Scared (Lennon - Removed)
11. Scared Outro 0:24
12. Commercial / Heroes 3:38
13. Doing Radio 3:23
14. About 'I Am The Walrus' 0:24
15. I Am The Walrus (The Beatles - Removed)
16. More About Walrus / Revolution #9 2:04
17. Beef Jerky / Outro 0:25

Bonus Tracks:
Interview with Howard Cosell on the "Speaking of Everything" Radio Show. October 6th, 1974.
18. Immigration Case 9:03
19. The Beatles 5:23
20. The Beatles Today 3:09
21. Lennon Today 9:33
22. Monday Night Football 1/2 Time Guest 1:51
23. Walls And Bridges Run Down 2:00
24. Walls And Bridges Radio Spot w. Ringo 1:06
25. Walls And Bridges Televison Spot 0:25

You now have two options, just grab the interview parts only and put it on 1 CD (leaving out all or a few of the bonus tracks) or recreating the releases by substituting the songs from other sources - preferred but more work.

John Lennon "Last Interview" - 2CD - December 6, 1980

John Lennon & Yoko Ono Interview with Andy Peebles for BBC Radio One
December 6, 1980
Raw Sorce Tape used for broadcast

Part One 60:06
Part Two 59:29

Quality Excellent

I remember the summer of 1980. Rumours circulating that John was back in the studio after five, what felt like, very long years. Information was sparse, not like today. Basically supplied only through the speakers of radio. In my case 102.7 WNEW FM in NY. I remember first hearing "(Just Like) Starting Over" a few days before it's release date on October 9, 1980, John's 40th birthday. Working as a night manager of a gas station my kid brother John taped it off ofWNEW and played it back to me through the phone. That moment is still so clear in my mind as I tried to tune out the world and focus my attention to the tinny sound coming out of the pay phone pressed to my ear. I still hear it that way whenever it plays. I remember clearly waking up the morning of December 9th to the news. Sometimes I wish I didn't remember. I have a box in the attic filled with all the newspapers and magazines that hit the stands in the following months. Publications I bought out of habit rather then desire. Not reading them, just packing them away in that box. A box that's been sealed for 27 years that I have no desire to open.

One thing I don't recall is the lineage of this particular recording. I received the tape from a friend who made artwork for all his tapes. I couldn't find any record of this being bootlegged although something in the back of my mind tells me it was. There is some crackles at one point in the recording that sounds like this might be a needle drop.
 This interview was published in book form and posted below is an excerpt from the forward which sets the scene.

Paul Williams' FOREWORD
The original reason Andy Peebles and I planned to visit New York was to record an interview with David Bowie. (Broadcast Radio One1 5 January 1981). Shortly before we set out I thought we should take the opportunity also to interview John Lennon and Yoke Ono. They had not spoken to anyone from to for some years but with their new album just released I thought it possible they might agree to see us. With the help of WEA Records in Britain and Geffen Records in New York it was ranged that we could talk to John and Yoke en' Saturday 6 December 1980 in the Hit Factory studio where they had recorded the new album.
If they had given us half an hour it would have been worthwhile, but in the event the interview lasted over three Hours and we continued talking long after that ever dinner! John was in good spirits, obviously enjoying life and keen to hear all the news from home.

We arrived back in London at breakfast time on Tuesday 9 December to be greeted with the awful news of John's murder. many of Radio One output that day were devoted to his including a special hour at eleven-thirty in the morning in which Andy Peebles introduced some short excerpts from the interview which had suddenly taken on a new poignancy. This book is transcribed from the whole interview, which was first broadcast on Radio One with appropriate record inserts in five parts on Sundays, starting on l8 January 1981.
All royalties from the sale of the book will go to charitiesnominated by Yoke One and Andy Peebles.
PAUL WILLIAMS Senior Producer, Radio One