Monday, June 20, 2016

NEW: John Lennon "A Salute To Sir Lew Grade" - 1DVD

John Lennon
A Salute To Sir Lew Grade
Publisher: MCP
Reference: MCP-011
Date: 1996

Video: NTSC 4:3, 720x480, 29.97 fps, 5731 Kbps
Audio: MPEG-2, 2 channels, 48 KHz, 384 Kbps

On 18 April, 1975, John Lennon made his last public appearance on the ATV/ITC TV special Salute to Sir Lew Grade. The television special was recorded in The Grand Ballroom of the New York Hilton Hotel. The event was a star-studded event to celebrate the career of Sir Lew Grade. John's appearance at this event, in which he performed live versions of Slippin and Slidin, Stand By Me and Imagine, was part of a settlement arising from a publishing dispute over material written by John and Yoko.
John's bandmates, known as "Etc.", were costumed in two-faced masks during the performance. The "two-faced" stunt, and the line "... don't want to be your fool no more" (from "Slippin' and Slidin") were seen as digs at Grade, who Lennon and McCartney had been in conflict with due to his previous control of The Beatles publishing concerns. Dick James had sold the publishing to Grade from under the group in 1969. During "Imagine" Lennon interjects the line "... and no immigration too...", a reference to his then-unresolved battle to remain in the United States.
Sir Lew later became Lord Grade. He passed away at 91 on December 13, 1998.

- Introduction
- Dave Allen
- Tom Jones
- Sir Lew Bio
- Peter Sellers
- John Lennon
- Julie Andrews
- Julie Andrews and Tom Jones
- Award presentation
- Curtain Call

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

RE-UP: John Lennon "The Man, The Memory volume 3" - 1CD

John Lennon
"The Man, The Memory volume 3"
WXLO FM, New York City
December 14, 1980
artwork included

It's Only Love
Just Imagine It
Projecting The Future
We All Created This Together
Only People
Crying For It Wasn't Enough
I Want To Kick Your Pants
It's An Insecurity
In My Life
Fresh As Ever
The Beatles Never Stuck To One Style
An Evening Out
I'm Your Angel
Let's Take It On The Road
(Just Like) Starting Over
(Just Like) Starting Over
A Ultima Entrevista De John Lennon

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RE-UP: John Lennon "The Man, The Memory volume 1 & 2" - 2CD

John Lennon
"The Man, The Memory volume 1 & 2"
WXLO FM, New York City
December 14, 1980
artwork included

Disc 1
1.Introduction - 5:20
2.Starting Over In The 80's - 1:27
3.Watching The Wheels - 3:13
4.A Diarrhea Of Creativity - 7:41
5.Starting Over - 3:40
6.Just Another Rocker - 2:00
7.Cleanup Time - 0:29
8.Almost Like Twins-1:06
9.Narration - 0:07
10.Don't Touch, Don't Feel - 0:26
11.Narration - 0:16
12.Just A Duddy - 4:31
13.Beautiful Boy - 3:13
14.Narration - 0:20
15.Expectations - 1:19
16.Narration - 0:14
17.I'm Not Running For Office - 1:24
18.Narration - 0:05
19.Back To The Roots - 2:03
20.Rock N Roll Music - 0:31
21.Choosing Partners - 1:13
22.Narration - 0:04
23.Meeting Yoko - 4:53
24.Out The Blue - 3:06
25.Longer Than The Beatles - 1:10
26.Narration - 0:12
27.Macho Woman - 0:54
28.Narration - 0:12
29.Whatever Gets You Through The Night - 3:07
30.I Needed Her So Much - 0:18
31.Dear Yoko - 2:25

Disc 2
1.#9 Dream - 3:51
2.Yoko Kicked Me Out - 1:49
3.Narration - 0:10
4.A Blank Check - 2:58
5.Narration - 0:14
6.Freaky Music & Two Virgins - 2:21
7.Narration - 0:16
8.What Are They Doing? - 1:39
9.The Ballad Of John And Yoko - 3:01
10.We're In Enough Trouble As It Is - 3:36
11.Woman Is The Nigger Of The World - 0:47
12.Our Intentions Were Good - 0:30
13.Give Peace A Chance - 0:10
14.We're Human Again - 0:41
15.Love - 2:21
16.Love Is The Answer - 2:57
17.Narration - 0:07
18.This Time They're Ready For Us - 3:12
19.Narration - 0:12
20.Double Fantasy - 1:27
21.Narration - 0:02
22.We All Survived - 2:07
23.Narration - 0:24
24.One Whole Piece Of Work - 0:55
25.Starting Over - 0:41
26.Now I Know Both Sides - 0:41
27.Narration - 0:09
28.It's Kid's Stuff - 1:15
29.Mind Games - 3:47
30.There Was No Time To Reflect - 1:21
31.Oh Yoko - 4:01
32.Everyone Knows What Love Is - 0:23
33.Narration - 0:18
34.A Reflection Of Us All - 1:43
35.Woman - 3:12

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RE-UP: John Lennon "The Lost Sleepy Blind Lemon Album" - 1CD

John Lennon
"The Lost Sleepy Blind Lemon Lennon Album"
Artwork Included

1-Serve Yourself  (Piano, Phallic Version)
2-You Saved My Soul (With Your True Love) (Take 2)
3-The Worst Is Over (Acoustic Demo)
4-When A Boy Meets A Girl (Take 1)
5-She's A Friend Of Dorothy's (Take 7)
6-One Of The Boys
7-He Got The Blues
8-John Henry (The Steel Driving Man)/I Ain't Got Time
9-Cookin' (In The Kitchen Of Love) (Take 1)
10-Free As A Bird (Take 1)
12-On The Caribbean
13-Well (Baby Please Don't Go)
14-Medley: Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel)/(Just Like) Starting Over/Gone From This Place
15-Gone From This Place
16-Memories (Howling At The Moon) (Electric)
17-Memories (Howling At The Moon) (Piano, Take 2)
18-Mucho Mungo

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RE-UP: John Lennon "The Lost Lennon Rehearsal" - 1CD

John Lennon
"The Lost Lennon Rehearsal"
1 CD
artwork included

Intro (Have You Got A List Yoko)
Come Together
New York City
Move On Fast
Back Off Boogaloo
Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
Give Peace A Chance
Unchained Melody
It's Only Make Believe
stage chat
Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)
We're All Water
Come Together
Open Your Box
Roll Over Beethoven
Give Peace A Chance

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RE-UP: John Lennon "The Dirty Mac Sessions 1968" - 1CD - with Eric Clapton & Keith Richards

The Dirty Mac Sessions
Recorded on 11 December 1968

1. Yer Blues (Rehearsal)
2. Blues Jam
3. John & Mick's Intro Of 'The Dirty Mac'
4. Yer Blues (Film Soundtrack)
5. Whole Lotta Yoko
6. John & Mick 'Yer Blues' Acapella
7. Yer Blues (Take 1)
8. Yer Blues (Take 2)
9. Yer Blues (IBC Mono Acetate)
10. Jam (IBC Mono Acetate)
11. Mini Opera (IBC Mono Acetate)
12. Purple Haze (IBC Mono Acetate)
13. Wild Thing (IBC Mono Acetate)


John Lennon (as "Winston Leg-Thigh") - vocals, rhythm guitar (from The Beatles)
Eric Clapton - lead guitar (from Cream)
Keith Richards - bass (from The Rolling Stones)
Mitch Mitchell - drums (from The Jimi Hendrix Experience)

John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Mitch Mitchell - Yer Blues

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RE-UP: John Lennon "Living On Borrowed Time" - 2CD - outtakes & demos

John Lennon
"Living On Borrowed Time"
artwork included

DISC 1 home demos
Starting Over (piano) 4:21
Cleanup Time (piano) 2:27
I’m Losing You (piano) 6:44
Beautiful Boy (amplified acoustic guitar) 4:08
Watching The Wheels (electric guitar) 3:14
Dear Yoko (acoustic guitar) 5:03
When I Was Lonely And Scared (amplified acoustic guitar) 1:31
Woman (rhy thm box and acoustic guitar, double track) 4:08
I’m Stepping Out (rhy thm box and acoustic guitar) 5:09
I Don’t Wanna Face It (rhy thm box and acoustic guitar) 3:08
Real Love (piano take 4) 4:11
Borrowed Time (rhy thm box and acoustic guitar) 4:38
Happy Rishikesh Song (acoustic guitar) 1:58
Something Is Wrong (acoustic guitar) 2:51
Beautiful Boy (acoustic guitar) 2:48
Watching The Wheels (piano) 4:42
Grow Old With Me (rhy thm box and piano) 3:07
Grow Old With Me (acoustic guitar) 2:33
Grow Old With Me (piano) 3:29
Cleanup Time (piano incomplete) 3:12
I’m Stepping Out/Real Love (piano) 0:57
Total time: 75:06 - All tracks mono

DISC 2 studio outtakes
Starting Over 5:12
Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him 3:17
Cleanup Time 3:36
I’m Losing You 3:53
Beautiful Boy 4:14
Watching The Wheels 6:08
Dear Yoko 2:24
Woman 3:39
I’m Stepping Out 1:47
I’m Stepping Out 5:05
I Don’t Wanna Face It 3:30
Nobody Told Me 3:51
Borrowed Time 4:39
(Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princes 3:24
Grow Old With Me 3:05
Borrowed Time 4:43
I Don’t Wanna Face It 3:37
I’m Stepping Out 2:30
(Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princes 3:29
another home demo
Grow Old With Me 3:25
Total time: 76:15 - All tracks mono, except 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 12

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